Our Team


Raffi Bashian
President / Accountable Manager
  Bashian is designated by the certificated repair station who is responsible for and has the authority over all repair stations operations that are conducted under Part 145, including ensuring that repair station personnel follow the regulations and serving as the primary contact with the FAA. His duties also include maintaining an adequate and knowledgeable staff to plan, perform, supervise, and inspect the work being performed on civil aviation articles. He may delegate all duties to the qualified persons as necessary. However, such delegation does not relieve him of the overall responsibility.
Raffi Bashian grew up in North Hollywood, CA where he received his diploma and graduated from Ulysses Grant High School in 1980. He enrolled in Pierce College's Electronic Technology program. He has served in the aviation industry since 1984. He has worked for several FAA repair stations technician, lead technician, shop foreman, and chief inspector. In 1994 he started his own instrument repair station and has built a reputation for reliable quality and customer satisfaction.





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